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  • What is the difference between ARB and RIBA Architects?
    ARB and RIBA are like the two faces of the coin. Both organisations are about architects, but with different roles. RIBA is a professional organisation for architects that promotes excellence in the profession and is a symbol of professional excellence among both clients and architects. In order to be able to use the title of architect, registration with ARB is required.
  • Do I need an architect?
    This is actually a question best answered by the client. The best way to go about this is to consider it as a safer and easier route because you enlist the help of a professional.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    Some projects do not require planning permission. The works can be carried out as permitted development. The best place to check whether or not you need Planning Permission is the Local Council.
  • Permitted Development-Planning Permission-Building Regulations?
    Permitted Development and Planning Permission are about “WHAT” works are intended to be done, whilst the Bulding Regulations are about the “HOW” those works will affect the existing.

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